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We connect women who are considering abortion with support, guidance, and access to ultrasounds in order to help them choose life for their babies.

It costs $136 for us to find one abortion-minded mom who will ultimately choose life for their child. Please partner with us to save more lives from abortion:

We had a young first-time mom reach out to us through our Life Advancement Group Marketing. When we saw her for her ultrasound appointment, she was very abortion-determined.

She felt she was too young to be a parent, like she was still a child herself and too unstable. It took her a long time to tell her family about her pregnancy, she was dreading telling anyone. When she did, everyone in her life wanted her to abort, including the father of the baby. Her own stepmother revealed that she had several abortions many years ago.

Because of all this pressure and judgement, she felt left utterly alone in making this decision.

After 3 separate ultrasound appointments and many back and forth thoughts, this client decided to keep her baby. She said she had a dream about the baby and then decided she wanted to be a mom. We’ve been helping her with material support ever since. Her precious baby was born this summer and they both are doing well!

-Nicole Hendryx, Director of Client Services, Mother and Unborn Baby Care

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You can save a baby like Avery today

The majority of pregnancy centers struggle to afford modern marketing. Our organization provides grants to pregnancy medical centers so that they have the ability to run targeted digital marketing attracting the most desperate women facing unintended pregnancies. Then, with the help of our innovative communication app, the pregnancy center staff is able to safely connect with her, even outside of office hours, in order to provide the support, options, and free medical services they need.


Together with our donors, we have helped 7,137 women cancel their abortions and choose life.


Avery was saved from abortion because of donors like you!

Our 5-Year Impact

  • Our ads showed up in 7 million online searches.

  • Close to 38,000 women in crisis were directed to pro-life pregnancy medical centers.

  • 7,500 women have chosen life because of our efforts

Make a gift to help save a life from abortion.

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